Fun Sasparilla Quotes

I’ve received a number of fun e-mails and blog comments about Sasparilla over the past few days, and I wanted to share a few…

{It sounds like} “Copland meets Corigliano in a dark alley where they beat up Spike Jones.” – JN

“Thanks again for writing the *coolest* band piece EVER!” – KP (Very kind, but I suspect she hasn’t heard Chunk.)

“I can certainly see/hear this one turned into a drum corps number, as well. Mark my words!” – KS (I hope he’s right. Ka-ching!)

“Isn’t it amusing that a composer can write “a la ‘Sleigh Ride’ ” and the trumpets would know exactly what to do?” – KS

“I was shooting for a horse with a hot poker up his rump.” – BP, player of said “a la ‘Sleigh Ride’ ” moment

“Sasparilla 9/11. Never Forget.” — TC (Long story. Don’t even ask.)

“I like “Sasparilla” a lot. This is the second of your compositions that I would like to animate with stick figures. The first was “Under the Rug.” The sax player did a nice job on the solo. Where did you learn those rim shots (I call ’em Hip Shots) during the sax solo? They don’t even do that anymore in the hoochie coochie bars.” – my Dad

“My husband really liked your piece, and he hates everything.” – audience member

“Are they feeding you down here in Southeast Texas? It certainly doesn’t look like it.” – somebody’s mom, post-concert


Anonymous says

Wow! Looks like you really did leave an impression on Southeast Texas. Some of the comments will really make people happy!

Tom Carlin says


My name is Tom and I used to work in the film industry as a music editor. I worked with Alan Silvestri,James Horner, John Williams, Bruce Broughton and just about anyone else who was working in the industry in the 80's or 90's.

What I miss is the sessions and the musicians and the incredible fun that could be had in the midst of natal emergence. Thought, given sound.
I was looking up a Mackey Spike interface when I stumbled across your site and "Sasparilla".
What you gave me this morning -couldn't sleep, diminished chords up and down the fretboard in my head- as the sun was rising, was a wonderful fresh taste of how fun and engaging music can be. Parts of it gave me a visual of Aron Copeland franticly backing up on the Hollywood Freeway at rush hour cause he missed the Highland hand on the wheel, eyes bulging, late for the date, Jack Daniels empties rattling on the floor in the back seat....

Truly thank you. I am sensitive as a tune writer and micro publishing owner (sorry man, BMI) to other peoples property but I'd love to have a dupe of the performance to enjoy in my car while navigating the Olympic Peninsula and to add to my collection of favorite takes. Thanks for your work and especially thanks for putting it there for me to find.. With respect and appreciation, Tom Carlin

Nicolas Farmer says

Hey, great piece. My only question is what is the contrabass clarinet solo supposed to represent?

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