Fresh Baked Bread

I just finished my annual ASCAP PLUS award application. This is the award that ASCAP gives to members as a way to subsidize what could be a small amount of license payments — due, say, to the fact that ASCAP doesn’t pay for all college performances. (They will, though, starting next year, thanks to my little lobbying effort.) It was kind of crazy year, and seeing it in a single list, it feels like an embarrassment of riches. Of the performances I knew about — some slipped through the cracks, being chamber performances of sold pieces, etc. — I had 114 performances. That’s 114 different concerts that contained at least one of my pieces. In one calendar year. I suspect it’s all downhill from here.

In other miscellany, AEJ and I bought a bread machine. We thought it would be cozy to fill the house with the smell of fresh bread. Our first loaf on Sunday wasn’t the most aromatic choice, but it was tasty. We opted for a cheddar sour cream loaf.

The slices were nice and thick, and made for a delicious — if somewhat heavy — sandwich. We ate lunch on the deck for a change. I know this looks like a Diet Pepsi ad, but I was really trying to feature the ham and pepper jack sandwich.

That night, we somehow found it in ourselves to eat again. (It’s amazing how that happens.) We went to one of my favorite places to pick up a pizza, and found that they’d changed the name. Everybody knows how I love Pizza Huat.

Yesterday, I drove out to UCLA to work with the wind ensemble on “Redline Tango.” First, we had lunch. Gordon had invited several of the grad students, and it was nice hanging out with them a bit before rehearsal. I had a mozzarella sandwich.

I’d worked with the group a few weeks ago, and they sounded good then, but now — wow. Great, great group. Gordon Henderson, who is guest conducting the concert, has really done a fine job with them. I’ll be in New York next Wednesday when they give their concert, but if you’ll be in LA then, I hope you’ll attend!

Well, I’m heading out for a run, and then I need to get back to work on the new piece. And tonight — American Idol. Will this be the Clive Davis week?


Tracy says

This is your Commerce, Texas picture buddy saying keep those cool pics coming.

lisa says

Taylor has got to win this thing hands down now! The other two just were not into it. Yes! Maybe finally, my choice from the beginning will win...

Daniel Montoya, Jr. says

How'd they manage to get my picture of my old dancing days for that poster?!

Cathy says

Swanky poster!

Danny, I sent them that picture....

Nikk Pilato says

Hey! That picture looks awfully familiar. ;-) Heh...we both stole from the same sources.

Of course, nothing beats Superman doing a tango:

Lissajeen says

I'm really hoping you guys got the "Mogu Small Heart 7-by-9-inch Decorative Pillow, Shocking Pink" freebie with your bread machine. I'd be jealous.

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