Flute, three hands

I got a great email from Lauren yesterday. Lauren is a flute player, and she’s playing 1st flute on “Turning” for one of the consortium schools.

Lauren tells me that a big trill at the end of the piece — the low C, trilled to Db — is possible, but only for two people. It might be technically possible with one, but she said the only way to make it sound good was for the flutist next to her to reach over and trill the note on Lauren’s flute.

How brilliant is that?! She’s sitting there in rehearsal, realizes she can’t reach the trill, so somebody else reaches over to trill it. Two people playing one flute. Lauren, you and your trill-mate get gold stars.

There’s a new site that seems to have a lot of potential. It’s called Classical Lounge, and it’s kind of a MySpace or Facebook for musicians. It’s nice because it’s specialized, and not nearly as ugly as MySpace. (I have a pretty speedy computer, but if your MySpace profile brings my machine to a screeching halt trying to render 7 YouTube videos on top of your stupid unicorn full-screen image while playing some lame-ass hip-hop song that launches in an external application — maybe you can slim it down a hair.) It also lacks the MySpace spam. (Thanks for the friend invite, LicketySplit, but I’m going to decline, although I’m sure your webcam is “hot,” as promised.)

So, check out Classical Lounge. (Even Newman, the stubborn MySpace hold-out, has a Classical Lounge page!)


Cathy says

It's not blocked at school (yet)!! Fun, fun....

jim says

NEWMAN!!!! You naughty little man!

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