Fasten your seat belts

I know, I know, the airplane thing is a bit much (I could have said something about tray tables, or exit rows, or the beverage cart), but everybody has been suggesting that I introduce the piece that way, so there you are.

I’ve just posted the audio file of real people (no more MIDI!) performing my new work, “Turbine.” The recording, with Cody Birdwell conducting the University of Kentucky Wind Ensemble, is sweeeet. One person already commented on the recording, “It rocks my face off.” Imagine how the trombones at UK must have felt.

This sucker was nearly deafening at the premiere 10 days ago (let’s just say that the piece is “assertive”), so when you listen in the comfort of your home, crank it up.

This is the link to “Turbine.”


Kevin Howlett says

I've spoken my piece about this owrk on the BCM boards, but I have to tell you, I haven't been this psyched about a band piece since...well, ever! This piece does a great service to the wind band medium.

I'm so unbelievably impressed. Great work, man.

Cathy says

LOVE IT!!! Man, it's freakin' loud at the beginning....

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