Facebook. Sigh.

After many months of resisting, I finally gave in and started a Facebook account two days ago. It is, admittedly, infinitely better than MySpace, which I absolutely hate. As I’ve said before, I have a pretty speedy computer, but if your MySpace profile brings my machine to a screeching halt trying to render 7 YouTube videos on top of your stupid unicorn full-screen image while playing some lame-ass Josh Groban song that launches in an external application — maybe you can slim it down a hair. Facebook also lacks the MySpace spam. (Thanks for the friend invite, LicketySlit, but I’m going to decline, although I’m sure your webcam is “hot,” as promised.) So, if you have a Facebook account, find me and let’s be “friends.”

AEJ and I went to the Rose Parade yesterday. It was fun, and we had great seats, but some of the protesters confused me a little. This was either two separate groups, one a single group that was definitely getting ahead of itself. Let’s elect him first, people.


Kevin Howlett says

Facebook is much better than MySpace. The worst thing (of many bad bad things MySpace has) is the account hacking. I just had one of my friends send me a message when her account was hacked that said "ZOMG check out the nude pix I put up of myself before my boyfriend finds out". Except she is a lesbian.

Melissa says

More pictures of flowers!!!

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