Everybody knows about the Rose Bowl and the Parade of Roses — but did you know that a few days before those events, there’s a horse show in Burbank, a showcase for horses performing in the parade? Well, there IS! We’re going to the Parade of Roses tomorrow morning (and confident it won’t rain like it did two years ago), and to get in the Rose spirit, we attended the Rose Parade EquestFest on Saturday.

AEJ loves ponies, whether they be miniature

… or Clydesdales

… strangely fluffy (I’m talking about the horse)…

… or simply stuffed.

It was a three+ hour show. Fortunately, there were plenty of food options to keep us nourished. (Rod is an awesome name. Maybe I should change my name to Rod. Rod Burbank. Oh, that would rule.)

The arena was packed with all sorts of people — and lots of sweet clothes. I was particularly fond of this sweater. What’s cooler than bird sweaters? (Okay, maybe Christmas sweaters.)

Spurs rock.

There were lots of different “acts” in the show. One of the best was the All-American Cowgirl Chicks (non-Americans need not apply). They did crazy stuff like stand on top of the horses while the horses sprinted in circles around the arena.

Or, if that wasn’t insane enough, maybe they’d just hang off the side of the horse while the horse ran at full-speed.

This looks like it’s gone terribly wrong, but this was on purpose. This rider, by the way, is eight years old. If she’s this fearless at eight, can you imagine what she’ll be like when she’s 15? I predict a life of crime.

I think AEJ’s favorite horse of the day was this one.

Not just a pretty face, it also did tricks.

Some ponies pulled children around the ring at high speed. I’m all for that.

I’m not totally clear what’s going on here.

I think my favorite part might have been the performance by Medieval Times.

They jousted…

… and made lots of noise.

Somehow, this was not nearly as lame as I expected. I thought it would be the type of fight choreography that was used in my high school production of “Dracula” (I was robbed of the Best Actor Thespian Award that year. Robbed, I tell you.), but it was actually kind of impressive and fun.

This, however, was a little bit lamer. It’s color guard, not unlike you might see in a marching band, only this was on horseback, which did make it a little hipper than marching band color guard. Take that as you will. (I kid because I love, color guardians.)

AEJ snuck a photo of me in my riding outfit.

It was a fun afternoon. If only I could remember what country I was in. The whole experience simply wasn’t American enough.

Happy New Year!


Kevin Howlett says

"I’m not totally clear what’s going on here."

That sort of activity has recently been made illegal in Washington State.

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