Enough already

Is anybody else as sick of Seth Rogen as I am? Good lord, is there any late-night talk show he hasn’t been on this week? And how many movies can Judd Apatow make in a year?

Don’t get me wrong. I liked The 40 Year Old Virgin, but it seems like at this point, the studios would green light a holocaust musical starring Wayne Brady and Jessica Simpson if they could also attach Rogen and Apatow. Actually, I may pitch that.

Maybe I’ve just aged out of their demographic. I’m going to put my dentures in a glass, put on my Depends, and sit on my porch and rant about how things used to be in My Day when there were real movie stars — like C. Thomas Howell. (You know your acting career is hurting when your Wiki article doesn’t even contain your head shot.)


Nikk says

I knew C. Thomas Howell was doomed after Soul Man. Still, he dated Rae Dawn Chong. Life wasn't all bad for him.

Kevin Howlett says

I know somebody who won't be attending the premiere of "Zack and Miri Make a Porno".

Travis Taylor says

I think the big problem is, is that they've found a niche for what sells and they've stuck with it. And that's stagnating their creative side; I did enjoy Superbad because it was more like "high school life" than American pie. Looks like they're going the way of the Sandler, playing the same role in different context... At least Sandler tried to play different roles.


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