Easter, blue bonnets, and dishwashers

Did you know that Sunday was EASTER?!

I figured it out when I came back into the bedroom after making my coffee. AEJ had this waiting for me.

That’s one of those indoor/outdoor inflatable decorations. This one had a hole in it, so it wouldn’t stop inflating, and the noise was really something non-festive, but I loved it. The motor gave up and totally died (thank you, China) as I was taking pictures.

AEJ — always thinking! — ran and got the hairdryer and gave our bunny friend an air enema. (There’s probably a name for this in some circles.)

It was really very festive in the Mackey household.

I drove out to Houston yesterday to rehearse with the band at Lamar High School. On the way, I passed a huge field full of blue bonnet flowers. Purdy!

It was lovely, really, and I wasn’t even annoyed by the frolicking children.

In other news… I took one of those Facebook quizzes the other day: Are You a True Texan? My result: Leave the State. Sigh.

Gotta run and get back to the kitchen remodel project. If you’re interested in some lovely used appliances, let me know.  (And don’t be fooled by the “Ultra Quiet I” label.  I think to get something below 105 dB, one needs to spring for at least the Ultra Quiet II.)


Steve from Austin says

That's the best bluebonnet picture I've ever seen! Bravo!!!

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