Drink of choice

I mentioned yesterday that the “pre-premiere” of “Asphalt Cocktail” is this coming Tuesday night at Michigan State. I just heard their most recent rehearsal recording, and I think this piece is going to be… ballsy. Ballsy, groovy, and loud. It may not be “Turbine” loud, but it’s up there. (My blurb for the piece may be, in the style of those stupid Blockbuster recommendations, “If you disliked Turbine, you’ll HATE Asphalt Cocktail!”)

I just learned that immediately following the performance, I’m heading to a little get-together where I will get to sample The Asphalt Cocktail. Yes, John Madden, Director of the Spartan Marching Band, has created a cocktail to go with the piece. I am SO excited. Recipe to follow!


Travis Taylor says

That drink better put hair on your chest and drop your balls.


Mark S. says

Turbine was cool, only because we played it our marching show. That's the only song I remeber from that year.

Austin Donohoe says

It's Austin from Williamston High.
A.C. was awesome, is the recording not going to be available until the official premier? you should upload some video too, it would just show more of the intensity!

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