Really, this post should probably be spelled “dessinner,” but “dizzinner” looks cooler.

AEJ and I had just about the best night tonight. Well, let me back track…
The day started this morning with the Composer Forum at USC. I had a good time with the students who had smart and interesting questions. That was followed by lunch with Dr. Donald Crocket, a composer on USC’s faculty. Post lunch, I was off to the wind ensemble’s dress rehearsal. If it was any indication, the concert on Sunday is going to rock.

AEJ picked me up “from school,” and we came back to the hotel to drop off my scores. Then we walked a block to a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, which seems to be the good coffee chain here in LA. There are plenty of Starbucks, but personally, I prefer Coffee Bean. AEJ and I got mocha Ice Blended Drinks, and took them back to our hotel and drank them while sitting by the pool.

LA is growing on me.

We decided to head to dinner, but we weren’t famished yet, so AEJ suggested going to a famous old hotel called the Chateau Marmont and having a drink. We drove down the Sunset strip on the way, and that was fun to see. We finally found the Marmont and were given a cozy table outside. It was a beautiful night, with a perfectly clear sky and temperatures in the low 70s, and the wine was excellent. Like I said, LA is growing on me.

And then we had dinner.

Like, the best dinner ever. Where? Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘N’ Waffles. I’m totally serious.

My friend Robert Battle recommended this place to us. Robert and I enjoy soul food, and we often get lunch up in Harlem, and he never steers me wrong. Wow, this time he gave us quite a gift.

If you’ve never had fried chicken and waffles at the same time, you must. It really is like having dinner and dessert simultaneously — thus, “dizzinner.” The chicken at Roscoe’s was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside without being the slightest bit greasy. They serve it with two waffles, fluffy and eggy on the inside, which are covered with butter and syrup. The fried chicken is absolutely delicious and loaded with salt without being “salty.” The side of mac & cheese was perfect. The lemonade was sweet and refreshing. And the whole meal for two (including beverages and side dishes) cost less than our two glasses of wine at the Chateau Marmont. (That’s probably not surprising.)

So, you take the weather here in LA, add in the amazing musicians at USC, Bob Reynolds’ phenomenal conducting of Redline Tango, the views from The Getty Center, and now, the best chicken & waffles ever, and… Don’t get me wrong. I love New York City, and I love living there. But these waffles… And that chicken…


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Anonymous says

Heh...for a moment, I thought "Dizzinner" was the Snoop Dogg version of dinner. Well, that's what I get for thinking. ;)


Anonymous says

Dude you went to Roscoes and In n' Out?!?!?! I am soooooo jealous.

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