Dinner with Bach, Beethoven, and Liz

AEJ and I took our friend Liz Love out to dinner for her birthday last night.  It coincided with Austin Restaurant Week, when lots of nice restaurants in town offer discounted multi-course meals. We considered several places, but by the time we made plans yesterday afternoon, most places were booked. Fortunately, we were able to get into Truluck’s, a place we like a lot.

I had crab claws.

Liz Love (with a name like “Liz Love,” you have to call her by both her first and last name all the time) had Proscuitto-wrapped mahi mahi with fava beans.

AEJ had a delicious Niman Ranch sirloin. It was my favorite thing at dinner, but it didn’t photograph well. Boo, dark restaurant. Instead, here’s a picture of an enormous lizard that lived on our window screen for three days. He was easily 11″ long. (Since I’m a male and I’m claiming something was 11″ long, it was probably only 6″, but didn’t it seem huge? Please tell me it seemed huge.)

Sometime before dessert, Liz Love busted out her Bach and Beethoven action figures. She keeps these in her purse. She’s had Bach for some time (he even has his own Facebook page), but Beethoven is a new addition. Beethoven appeared to have been pretty ripped. Who knew?

Here, Bach bows. Or something.

Oh look! The dessert tray is here! Everybody gets to pick their own dessert. Fun!

Hey… These are plastic. And here I thought they made fresh demo desserts every night. I felt so misled.

Uh oh. The composers have discovered the alcohol. This can only end badly.

Dessert came — non-plastic dessert, that is. I’d ordered the carrot cake — I love carrot cake — and as if it weren’t sweet enough already, they poured butterscotch sauce on top of it at the table.

Liz Love had some crazy mocha mousse ice cream thing as big as her head.

The composers, by this time, were pretty liquored up.  (The non-action figure people at the table were of course completely sober.)

Apparently when Beethoven drinks, he gets depressed. Bach tried to console him. “No, seriously, the Grosse Fugue is a good fugue, man. I mean, it’s no Toccata and Fugue in d minor — heh, that was a pretty good one, I have to say, and it’s so spooky! — but yours is really good, too.”

It was a really fun dinner. Great food, company, and lots of tasty cocktails and wine. (Any bottle of wine is 50% off on Wednesdays at Truluck’s!) Of course, the evening ended as any good birthday should. Happy Birthday, Liz Love!


Esmail says

Im going to add dinner with the Mackeys to my bucket list.

Courtney says

I have to wonder what crazy looks you were getting from the people at the other tables as you played with action figures and took pictures of it.

Jake Wallace says

Eww. That fugue is gross.

Steve from Austin says

Truluck's is one of the best restaurants in Austin! Always great food and great service.

Also, if you let them know that you're there to celebrate an important event (such as a wedding proposal), they will hook you up like you're Sinatra and make you look 500% classier than you actually are! Your dinner guests will be completely fooled! Amazing staff and amazing food!

Ria says

For a while there I got scared when I read "AEJ had a delicious Niman Ranch sirloin" and was seeing a picture of a lizard below it...

Darrin says

I LOVE Liz Love!!!!

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