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If you tried visiting the site overnight, you probably saw a message about it being down because I’d “exceeded resources” or some such thing. My monthly bandwidth limit is 30 GB, and I passed that sometime around 9pm PST yesterday, so the site shut down — mail and all. It was corrected this morning. The site is now receiving over 1500 visitors per week, more than double what it received in an average week back in September (when I added the new stat info counter). Keep visiting!

AEJ and I have been working on our dining area this week, in anticipation of having dinner guests tomorrow night. Everything all came together within the past few days (many months after placing orders, returning items that were incorrect, etc.). AEJ’s “inspiration” for the dining area — which is part of the living room — was to mirror the view of the reservoir, visible through the wall opposite the dining wall. AEJ took herself literally, and decided to mirror the reservoir with just that — a mirror. But not just any mirror. She wanted to bring the blue color of the reservoir to the wall opposite the windows in an even more pronounced way, so she ordered a custom blue-tinted mirror. Here’s Loki, saying hello to the blue-tinted kitty on the other side. (Check out the freaky distortion caused by the mirror!)

“Heeeyyy….,” Loki said. “What the hell is that crazy feathered thing above the table?!”

It’s a true AEJ creation: the feathered chandelier. She ordered the regular suspended lamp, ordered bulk feathered boas somewhere else, and we spent several hours yesterday gluing the feathers to the lamp. The result: pure friggin’ brilliance. It’s both funny and incredibly hip at the same time. Wow, that AEJ is amazing. I told her that she should sell The Feathered Chandelier for, like, 4 grand. It almost feels like Liberace designed it.

As you can see, Loki loved the lamp covered in feathers. We hoped it was just out of reach for him, but he did manage to snag it once so far. (Edit: Make that twice, as of this entry.) We’ll see how long it takes him to pull it from the ceiling.

And here’s a photo of the whole setup: the AEJ Blue Mirror, the AEJ Feathered Chandelier, the Saarinen “Tulip” dining table, and Eames “Potato Chip” chairs.

It’s all pretty darned cozy. And fuzzy. But I think we’re going to be finding feathers all over the house for the next three years.


Kevin Howlett says

Even before I read your entry, I saw the pictures and thought the mirror was awesome, and the lampshade even better.

I say make another lamp like that and put it for sale on twentieth.net for oh...8,000 dollars. That's entry level for that place.

Newman says

Theeeere we go -- something on the wall!

;-) Table chairs and lamp all look totally hot. Congrats!

yusra says

Where can i find a replica of this mirror!!!

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