Dewsky and coke

I mentioned last night that AEJ and I went to a party at Griffith Park last week. What I didn’t mention was that the party was a birthday party — for a one year old. To get in the proper mindset, AEJ and I stopped by the old Griffith Park merry-go-round. As you can see, it was terrifying. (Okay, it wasn’t. I was a lot of fun, but I did get a little dizzy. I’m such a loser.)

And look! They were selling pinwheels! Fun fun!

It was a few minutes after the merry-go-round ride that we saw Mr. Squirrel, whom I mentioned last night. Here he is from another angle. I’m right there with you, Mr. Squirrel; I love corn, too. I just prefer mine cream-style.

There was plenty of tasty food at the party — like this pasta salad.

There were toys for all of the other “children.” We, sadly, didn’t get a present. This was pretty smart, though. Courtney, the mother of the birthday girl, had prepared all of these little gifts — and the gifts were little stuffed purple dudes, soap, and shampoo — so the kids could get clean after a day at a birthday party in the park. It was a great idea — so I stole one of the bags. (I’m kidding.)

Look at the little ships made of orange peel with Jello inside! Courtney is awfully good at this whole kid party thing. (She should be; she owns a face painting company here in LA — face-painter for the [children of] stars.)

The children — babies, really — had been well-behaved… until the open bar.

The milk, I totally get — although it was my first party with milk. The Mountain Dew, though, maybe not the best idea.

Seriously, kid. Chill with the Dewsky.

Thing started to get out of hand when, as far as I can tell from this baby’s nose, somebody busted out the coke. I know it’s LA and all, but these kids roll hardcore.

One of the parents at the party was a professional balloon artist. How friggin’ cute is the balloon penguin?!

No, no, don’t give it to that kid! That kid just drank like three cans of Mountain Dew, and is experiencing serious munchies! She’s going to bite the…

Oh, great. Now it’s a friggin’ mutant cyclops penguin.

AEJ got a balloon treat of her own — a balloon mermaid!

Check out the detail in this thing. It even has a tiny little pink bow in its hair!

AEJ refrained from biting it. Loki, though, won’t stop gnawing at its hair. So far, it’s still in one non-popped piece. For now.
This is Ruby, the birthday girl. She’s pretty cute. After lunch, she decided to wash her hands. In the dog bowl.

Here are all of the babies at the party. I swear to god, I’ve never been to a party with so many babies. Well, at least not since Juilliard. Oboists are so immature. Zing!

Ruby wasn’t content to hang with the non-birthday babies, so she ran up to me for her literal close-up. Hey, it’s Hollywood, babe. You show ’em.

We left before things got totally out of hand. Those babies can party.

And for the record, I’m perfectly happy being uncle John. That’s already more than enough responsibility.


Michael Markowski says

Uh oh. Looks like someone wants kids.......

Melissa says

ACN is very happy to have her Uncle John!

jim says

Amazing, the things they're doing with balloons these days...

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