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I taped an interview with composer (and radio host) Dan Welcher a few weeks ago, and that interview will air tonight at 8pm CST on Austin’s classical radio station, KMFA. Dan’s show, Knowing the Score, features the music of not-dead composers, and it’s always a good listen. Even if you aren’t in Austin but you’d like to hear the show, you can listen online, as KMFA streams their broadcasts live.


Charles Cates says

Really nice program tonight. I enjoyed your pieces and hope to hear some played locally here in Austin. Also enjoyed the food pics; I'm unemployed and can't afford Jeffrey's.
Welcome to Austin!

Fosco! says

That was fun! You have an excellent radio voice, actually--very clear and enthusiastic.

Funny--I always imagined you sounded like Geddy Lee from Rush. This will take some adjusting...

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