AEJ and I did some browsing at Twentieth yesterday. This is, without a doubt, the coolest furniture store ever. Unfortunately, this stuff ain’t cheap. Boy howdy, though, it’s amazing stuff.

As much as I love my lounge chair, I found a new one to covet. It’s like the big, crazy, steroid-addicted cousin of my chair. Wow, wow, wow. Just bad ass and shiny. You have to see this huge thing in person to appreciate how hulking it is. Sadly, it’s $13,000, putting it far out of the world of finance where I reside.


Lissajeen says

I am fond of Lamp 15.

Kevin Howlett says

I liked the $900 lucite chair they feature on the main page...I don't know what their rated weight is, so I don't think I'll be getting one. I also can't afford it.

jwc says

but you could never put that in the same room as the eames chair. so similar yet so different, it would like you were trying to match them but just missed the mark.

Anonymous says

It looks like a really cool modern coconut that was cracked open that you can sit in. KH

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