Coming soon… The Stud

One of the nice parts of the recent trip to my mom’s former house in Florida (kind of the only nice part, it seemed) was the discovery of a box of old photos. The photos run the course of something like 60 years — from pictures of my grandfather when he was in the army, to my parents roughly 40 years ago, to my high school senior pictures. Some of these pictures are amazing — my grandfather was a talented photographer, it seems — and some are downright hilarious. The funniest ones are probably my high school senior pictures, with their early 1990s backdrops and styling. Oh, just wait.

I shipped the box home to LA, and it should be here Tuesday, and I’ll scan and post some of the better shots as soon as I receive the package. Seeing my high school pictures makes it painfully clear why the ladies weren’t exactly flocking back then. Can you say “dork?” You will next week.

Word has it that the NewSchlachtmans (Newman et al) have joined the Wii club. Welcome, kids. Let the fun begin!


Cathy says

Seems like the photography is not just a hobby but in your genes. That's very cool!

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