Cocktails and armadillos

For my drinking dollar, nothing beats a Mexican martini at Trudy’s here in Austin. Tuesday is “Top Shelf Tuesday,” so a martini with Cazadores Silver tequila is less than $8. $8! There’s a two-martini limit, but I’ve never made it past the first one.

In other news, an armadillo has been trashing our yard. I got a picture of him yesterday morning, scurrying past our front window. AEJ thinks he’s adorable (she also thinks the Hindemith Symphony in Bb sounds like music for a cartoon about cute forest animals, so she may have thing for animals), but the lawn disagrees. Is there any easy way to get rid of him — without traumatizing AEJ?


Mark S. says

Hindemith's symphoniy in Bb is funny. I don't think he was in a serious attitude when he wrote that. Especially the Eb clarinet part that is in 6/4 at the end.

Pest/Animal control is always a safe bet.

Lissa says

Really??? An ARMADILLO??? Awesome.

Meredith says

Be thankful you don't have four of armadillos. They are always born in sets of four, and when I lived in The Woodlands we had a whole family make a feast out of our yard, daily, at noon no less, for about a week.

I'd definitely call someone to get rid of the little guy. You could always buy or rent a cage and trap it yourself, then release it elsewhere (far away from your home) but somehow I can't see an armadillo riding in your Prius.

In the meantime, since you live in Texas and failed the Texas Facebook test, you could get some jalapenos and make some armadillo eggs?

Andrew Hackard says

Be careful: armadillos carry leprosy. Call a professional to get rid of the critter.

Marcos Duran says

Drink the second martini AND then go after the armadillo.

Kevin Howlett says

Kill it and eat it. From what I understand, armadillo is so tender the juice drips down your chin.

Michael Kilgore says

Armadillos tear up your yard because they are looking for grub worms. Also, they are supposed to be nocturnal, so if you run across one during the day, it might be rabid. Get your exterminator to spray your yard for grub worms (or buy grub killer at your local Home Depot or Lowes). If you get rid of the grub worms, you will get rid of your armadillo.

When I had this problem, that seemed like an awful lot of work. So I shot him with a .12 gauge. Seriously, it was just as effective.

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