The closing on our (first!) house is scheduled for June 23 at 9am. That night, we’ll own this house in the Northwest Hills neighborhood of Austin. How crazy is this?!

Woo hoo!!!


Travis Taylor says

Congrats! Remember, The Hills Have Eyes... terrible joke, but I told it anyway.


Nikk says

Sweet! Barbecue at John's place!

Steve says

I second the BBQ idea with a big "Boy Howdy!"

Cathy says

Holy cow, that's a BIG yard!!

Steve from Austin says


Connie Miller says

Congratulations and welcome to Austin home ownership. NW Hills is a gorgeous area. We rented an apartment there when we first moved to Austin.

Besides buying cool furniture for your new home, you'll have the joy of shopping for a lawn mower, edger, leaf blower, hoses and sprinklers so I'd tell all your friends to get you Lowe's and Home Depot cards for housewarming'll be spending a lot of time there, haha!

Ria says

Congratulations! It's lovely.

Kevin Howlett says

When I filled out a change of address form online at the USPS website, I got Lowe's coupons in the mail as part of the deal. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Matt Carlson says

Congratulations, John! I'm glad you and Abby finally found a place you like. Have a great summer. Talk to you later.


Chuck Fischer says

John...Congrats! You won't be very far from me! I guess that's good news for you. Haha! Email me back...we just redid our home office and it looks amazingly super hip.

jim says


Travis J M says


Andrew Hackard says

Congratulations, John. You're going to love Austin (although moving to Texas in summer may be a bit of a shock).

Steven Silverberg says

Welcome to Texas, Mr. Mackey. As a native (from way back; my great-aunt lives in your neighborhood), I can say with some certainty that you'll love it here.

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