I just finished scoring the dynamic climax of the new piece. Here’s the PDF of those two pages. The loudest part of this transition includes the return of those big trombone and horn rips first heard at the opening of the piece. Oh, and piccolo playing a high flutter-tongued B at quadruple-forte.

I’m awfully curious to hear this. The MIDI can’t quite do what’s on the page. There’s a bunch of very slow pitch bending, both in the trombones and in the high clarinets, which will sound pretty freaky. I actually got the idea for this from hearing a recording of a bad performance of a friend’s piece. (The clarinets were playing a “unison.”) It’s a fantastically horrifying sound.

Oh — and at the beginning of the page, percussion 1 is waterphone, percussion 4 is bass drum, 5 is crotales, and 6 is vibes.

It’s a little discouraging. I think I spent the whole day on these two pages. Two pages! And it looks like there’s nothing going on! Fortunately, the whole piece is probably only 12 pages long. Still, it seems unlikely I’ll finish by the time my mother arrives tomorrow night — especially since AEJ and I have become addicted to the DVDs of the new Battlestar Galactica, sent to us as a house-warming present several months ago by Collins. We finally watched the first DVD a few days ago, and we’re hooked. Great show. Would you expect anything less from the man who also created Knight Rider?


Michael Markowski says

That's funny, Shadow Rituals has a "piccolo playing a high flutter-tongued B" too (measure 138), but it's only at a double-forte. ;-)

Daniel Montoya, Jr. says

I loved the whole Bad Twin thing! I remember those episodes. Great memories!!

Cathy says

KITT is the best! I want a car like that....

Sarah says

*itching for a new john mackey blog*

John Mackey says

I know, I've been lax. Two problems. First, my mother was visiting, so that's been taking my time for the past 5 days. Second, my fancy camera is dead, and sent out for service, and it's no fun taking pictures with the old bulky camera. The "new" camera has been at the shop for about 2 weeks so far, and could be there a few more...

AEJ and I are going for a July 4 hike, and I'm taking the old camera, so maybe there'll be a blog entry about that soon.

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