Cleaning House

That’s literally what I’m doing. It’s not like I’m using “cleaning house” as an expression. I’m literally spending most of today cleaning my house.

I did spend an hour this morning doing an interview for the newspaper in Beaumont, Texas, about the upcoming premiere of “Sasparilla.” That was fun. I keep thinking back, though, wondering if I said something completely awful. I guess I’ll find out soon enough…

The rest of the day, though, has been spent cleaning. I had to get some papers down from a box at the top of my closet, but I used that as an excuse to throw a lot of stuff away that was in the closet. For example, some of the eleventy-seven copies I have of the same performance programs from, like, 1998. Three copies will do just fine. There’s also the old manual for my mini DAT recorder, which died about two years ago. I even cleaned my desk, which happens awfully rarely.

I’ve gotta say — I love my apartment when it’s clean. It smells like homemade stew — because that’s what’s been cooking in the crock pot all day (fortunately, it’s not like my home smells like stew all day every day. That would be weird.) — the cowhide rug is vacuumed and bright white, the TV is dusted, there’s a kitty sleeping on top of the kitchen cabinets, and it just feels cozy. I wish AEJ would hurry home from work, as that would make the day just about perfect.

Plus, my sister (I have just about the best sister in the world) sent AEJ and I an Easter care package yesterday. It was awfully sweet, with a card for AEJ & I and a separate card for Loki, a few sweet treats, and several little stuffed critters. I took this picture of Loki and said critters last night. (The sheep in the picture is actually Loki’s own Easter basket, which my sister loaded with cat treats. Human beings really don’t come much sweeter than my sister.)

Can you tell which one is Loki?

Don’t worry; I’ll return to snarky entries soon. It’s just nice to be home.


Lisa says're so sweet! I love you too!

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