Chuck E Cheese remix

I rarely link to YouTube videos, but this one is sweeeet. Somebody reprogrammed a bunch of the old Chuck E Cheese robots so that they perform hip hop. It is dope-so-dope, I must say (but maybe a little long). You’ll get the idea after, like, 45 seconds. (The best moment, I think, is the solo that the guy on the right side does around 50 seconds in.) Check it out. (I can’t embed it, because it screws up the formatting on the whole blog.)

I finished orchestrating “Wood” today, so everything that’s written is now orchestrated. The score is due September 1, so I have one month to write a super-brief intro and… the finale. “Felt” is very difficult (as a concerto should be), “Metal” is high and lyrical, and “Wood” is mid-tempo, completely tonal (it has a key signature, for chrissake), quite easy to play, and is scored with a sort of chamber winds mentality. The last movement, which I’ll start tomorrow, is going to be literally non-stop virtuosity — ie, perpetual motion. The plan is for it to just be a 3 minute sprint from start to finish. Ready, set…


Julia Kogan says

Hi John,

It would be great to get in touch, if you are around. E-mail me a phone number?

Julia Kogan

Kevin Howlett says

That was really creepy.

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