Chop buster posted

The full score of the Sax Concerto is now finished. I posted the score — all 113 pages of it — on the page for the concerto. The score can be viewed on-screen (if you squint, you can make some of it out), but it can’t be printed. BUT! I also posted PDF files of the solo sax part for two of the five movements, and that solo part can be printed. So, if you have a soprano sax (or any sax, I suppose — or a clarinet, or any other instrument with a range of Bb-below-middle-C to the A two octaves above the staff), feel free to print the part and give it a go.

I wish I had other news to report, but I’m basically just sitting in front of the computer, hour after hour, trying to finish these parts before I start my fall travel. First up: Michigan State in less than two weeks. I hope my hotel room is decorated like this.


Alex says

The link to the full score currently redirects me to this blog for unknown reasons. I sweat buckets in anticipation.

John says

Sorry about that! I had forgotten to upload it. It should be fixed now.

Cathy says

Shall I call Uncle Dr. Sedatole and put in your request? LOL Have fun with your travels!!

Jake Wallace says

I hear Puckett got a hot tub in his room when he was there last year, although my suspicion is that they were trying to one-up the KU gift baskets.

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