Chicago schedule

On Tuesday afternoon, I head to the Midwest Band & Orchestra Clinic in Chicago, the annual schmooze-fest for music educators around the country (and several people from other countries as well).  For those interested, here’s where I’ll be in case you want to say howdy (or are just interested in snickering at my pointy shoes).

Tuesday: arrive early evening, get some dinner, and have a drink at the Hilton Bar.

Wednesday:  Coffee, followed by exhibit floor roaming
3:45pm: rehearsal with the Dekaney High School Wind Ensemble on “Xerxes,” McCormick room W476
Drinks at the Hilton Bar  (are you seeing a pattern yet?)

Thursday: Coffee, more exhibit roaming
5:30pm: The annual Michigan State reception, which is always a fun time
Quick dinner
8:30pm: Dekaney High School Wind Ensemble concert, featuring “Xerxes
Drinks… probably at the Hilton bar

Friday, 11:40am: rehearsal clinic with Kevin Sedatole (Michigan State’s Director of Bands) and the Jefferson High School Band, who will have an open rehearsal on “Hymn to a Blue Hour,” room W183
Also at 11:40am: the Liberty High School Sax Quartet gives a concert featuring “Strange Humors” in room W190.  “Strange Humors” is towards the end of the concert, so I’ll start at Jefferson High School’s open rehearsal at 11:40, then run to room W190 to catch the sax quartet.
Lunch, probably somewhere offensively overpriced at the convention center.  (I’ll be the first to happily pay $25 for a spoonful of aged balsamic, but I seriously resent a $9.50 slice of nasty food court pizza.)
5:30pm: Texas A&M Wind Orchestra concert, featuring “Hymn to a Blue Hour
Dinner, and then…
Oh, you can guess.  It involves the Hilton Bar.

Saturday: crack’o’dawn, flight home to Austin

Will I see you at Chicago?


Shawn Smith says

Just make sure you don't mix up your morning coffee with your evening drinks! Have a good time--sadly I will be spending Midwest week here in Corpus.

Kevin Howlett says

I stopped telling people I was going to go to Midwest because I ended up never being able to make it. This year is no different.

Jake Wallace says

There really needs to be a better place to drink than the Hilton. It is unequivocally my least favorite bar in the world (and I've been to my share of cookie-cutter strip mall Applebee's-like "Irish pubs" in my life). But yes, you'll see me there.

I may even wear some pointy shoes. It is the holidays, after all.

Robert Deal says

I'm just restarting my band career after 13 years in commercial music sales. I am delighting in your glib reports and the beauty of your compositions. I will work to conduct your selections on an ever-increasing diffculty level.
Robert Deal
Virginia Beach Municipal Band

Cathy says

Not gonna make it this year. I'll miss chatting it up with everyone at the Hilton Bar and in the exhibit hall (notice which I put first). Hope Abby doesn't get delayed with her flight this year, thanks to some crazy note-leaving fool. Or is she joining you this year after last year's adventure?

Be safe.

Cody says

Sounds like quite the event! The University of Iowa Saxophone Ensemble is going to be performing. Sadly, I didn't make it in, but they gave their pre-clinic concert on Friday evening and they sounded GREAT! Should be a fun week!

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