CBDNA Conducting Symposium

Tomorrow morning, I’m heading to Boulder, Colorado, for the College Band Directors National Association Conducting Symposium. I’ll be the CBDNA Guest Composer, giving a talk about my music, and working with several conductors as they rehearse my tunes. I’m sure it will be a great trip.

AEJ is going with me for a change, which makes it even better. When we first planned the trip, we hoped to make an early-summer vacation out of it, spending as much as a week in beautiful Boulder. But then the house purchase thing came up, and things got a bit crazy. So, instead of spending a week there, we’re flying there tomorrow, and flying home to LA early on Saturday — and then flying to Austin on Sunday morning for the house closing on Monday morning. Then we fly back to LA on Wednesday morning and start packing. Move date: probably around July 24. But we’ll worry about that after we get back from Boulder…


Alex says

busy schedule

Kevin Howlett says

Steve Bryant visits Washington state AFTER I leave. I move near Chicago after Jim Bonney moves to Boston. You visit Boulder, a manageable 5 hour-trip from North Platte, AFTER I leave. What former haunts will my favorite composers head to next? I can't wait to not find out!

Travis Taylor says

I took a picture of Mackey flying the other day, the guy is ca-razy! Look at these skills.


This was not photoshopped the least bit, Mackey really does have pixels and everything.


Kevin Howlett says

..and no feet.

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