Cat in the Hat

Steve & Verena gave Loki some Christmas presents this week, including this little reindeer hat. At first, he was curious.

So Verena tried to strap the little hat to Loki’s little head.

I have a pretty fast camera, but this was the best I could capture before Loki tore the thing off. Apparently, cats and hats don’t really mix.

Speaking of cats, we got a pair of ceramic Chinese lions yesterday. Because — why not?

They’re typically used outdoors — flanking a front door, for example, maybe at your Shanghai palace (is that the name of a Chinese restaurant?) — but AEJ had the awesome idea to use them inside, flanking the center speaker of the stereo. It’s like they’re guarding the electronics. Their mouths are open, so it sort of looks like they’re singing Christmas carols. (Kind of like a 40-pound version of Billy Bass.)

Note that these cats are willing to wear Christmas hats. That’s right, Loki, they’re throwing down.


Robbie says

I have been waiting eleven months for another insightful reference to "The Christmas Shoes"! Even though this year's reference was less personal than last years, it still made me laugh.

The real question remains; Will this holiday season warrant another posting of the fabled "Worst Nutcracker Ever"?

Mark S. says

Trying to make Loki jealous with inanimate objects?

Kevin Howlett says

Dare I say that it ain't Christmas without the 'Cracker.

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