Cap’n Spanky says, “arrrr!”

Ahoy, today is Talk Like a Pirate Day. Ye’ll ne’er get me buried booty!
I know ’tis harrrrd to believe ’tis come again so soon. Or some such thing.

To celebrate, let’s look back at… Christmas. Here’s a repost of the relevant portion of my Christmas Day entry. Enjoy, mateys.

AEJ (or, rather, “me beauty”) got me two sets of pirate-themed Legos.

We had a lot of fun putting them together. Here’s the captain, complete with parrot.

We’re under attack!

This guy was clearly not keeping guard, so he has to walk the plank.

Arrgg! Here’s me ship!

This is Skull Island (the other Lego set).

The pirate ship is attacking Skull Island! Oh no!!!

WTF? Is that a whale? A shark?! No! It’s AEJ’s killer bunny slippers that she got for Christmas!

And that crazy cat is back, attacking the mast of the ship!

Captain! Look out behind you! They’re coming at us from all sides!

Oh, the carnage!

It’s a little weird seeing those pictures of me on Christmas Day, not just because I’m wearing an eye patch and a novelty Christmas sweatshirt and haven’t showered, but because my hair looked different back then. I’m liking the slightly longer hair thing, now that it’s basically grown in and I’m past the “conservative dork who works in an office” look. And really, the eye patch look isn’t so bad. Maybe that should be my thing…


Sarah says

That continues to be my favorite blog EVER.

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