Can’t Stop the Music

No, this entry isn’t about that brilliant piece of film work starring Steve Guttenberg — the movie that may have officially killed disco. No, the title of this entry refers to the fact that the caffeine from Pillsbury chocolate chip cookies is combining with endless loops of my new piece in my head, preventing me from sleeping.

It’s 2am now, and I finally acknowledged to myself as I tossed and turned in bed an hour ago that I wasn’t going to fall asleep anytime soon. So, I got up, and now I sit here at the computer, and the cat on my lap is thrilled that I’ve given him a lap to sleep on at this odd hour. I’m probably going to head back to bed in a minute, and I can only hope that the same four bars of the new piece don’t keep looping in my head. It starts to make me kind of crazy. It’s like that recent episode of Medium where Allison couldn’t get that song out of her head, and it was so loud she could barely hear what was happening around her. This is kind of like that, except in my case, fortunately, the looping music isn’t some awful Gloria Gaynor song. (At least I hope it’s not. Wouldn’t that be weird, and a little embarrassing, if the piece I was writing turned out to be a disco hit from the 70s?)

This is usually a good sign. If a piece is going well enough to keep me up at night listening to it in my head, then the material probably works, at least to me. I have a good feeling about this piece — or maybe that’s just the lingering effect of having all of those delicious cookies before bed. Mmm… cookies…

Yeah, it’s definitely time for bed. Once the web browsing leads you to a site like this one, it’s time to call it a night…


jim says

... wooow... y'know, I may never be able to forgive you for that one... no nO NO NOOOooOOO NOT ANOTHER HASSELHOFF FLASHBACK!!!!!!

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