Can’t spell Studio without Stud

I think we finally have my studio in order here at the new house in Austin. I wanted a room that felt warm — and not too “workplace-like.” I didn’t know what that necessarily meant, but AEJ did. The result is a large steel McDowell & Craig office desk — enameled in a cream color — and a gynormous metal computer monitor, but combined with floor-to-ceiling velvet drapes and a totally bad-ass vintage chandelier from the early 1970s.

For comparison, here is what the room looked like when we bought the house:

And here it is now:

This is what it looks like at night:

Here is one of the accessories the previous owners had in this room. AEJ’s brother referred to as something like “angel with a patriotic erection.”

My replacement accessory: The Tube Lamp. (Next to it is the Waterphone.)

And the most dramatic change… The former light fixture:

And the new light fixture – Liberace-style.

The studio looks sweet — and thanks to all of these yards upon yards of velvet, plus the black cowhide rug on the floor, the sound in here is great (although lacking massive low-end, as the subwoofer is currently in the family room).

Now I really don’t have any excuse… I kind of need to start writing Asphalt Cocktail.


Mark S. says

Reminds me of my dinning room. Expect there isn't a computer, keyboard, or waterphone in there.

Kevin Howlett says

I had thought at first that the first picture was your studio as it currently is and that you were renting it out to wayward babies. I was thinking "ah...John...they're gonna be a distraction..."

Robyn says

FABULOUS studio. I think even I could compose in that space! What I think is really cool, though, is how the waterphone disappears at night. Spooooooky.

Travis Taylor says

That is one pimp chandelier.


Connie Miller says

Awesome workspace. I think that chandelier will inspire all sorts of creative pieces in the years to come.
By the way, my daughter Sami said that Longhorn Band is doing a "Texas Composers" show this fall. She couldn't remember any of the composers' names, but I was wondering: since you now live in Texas, do you think you made it into the show?

Brian Hodges says

Actually, I believe you need to start writing my cello/piano piece.

But you know, I wouldn't mind if you called it "Asphalt Cocktail". I think that would make a great title for a cello/piano piece....

Just a thought....

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