But what will I drink in 1994?!

I just read on the Associated Press that MillerCoors is no longer going to make Zima. You remember Zima — the lightly-carbonated alcopop beverage introduced in 1993. According to the Chief Marketing Officer of MillerCoors, “the decision was due to weakness in the malternative segment.”  Go figure.

Goodbye, Zima.

Oops — that’s Madeline Zima from The Nanny (although I thought it was Macaulay Culkin). Silly Google Image Search. Let’s try one more time.

That’s better. Farewell, Zima. You will be missed. (Well, to the extent that I had no idea it was still in production.)


Kevin Howlett says

Fun fact: The Zima bottle is normal sized and the woman next to it is just hideously tiny.

I liked Crystal Pepsi and OK Soda. Apparently I was the only person on earth to like them both.

Nikk says

You can still chug some Bartle & Jaymes.

asil says

are you sure it was 1993? i could've sworn people were drinking it our freshman year at cim...

Montoya says

Crystal Pepsi ruled!!!!

And dropping the Jolly Rancher into Zima... so overrated!

Benford says

I remember when the good folks who made Zima came up with Zima Gold. Now THAT was a yummy drink - it tasted like carbonated apple juice or something. I guess all the other clear drinks (Smirnoff, etc.) have now surpassed the selling abilities of Zima!

Will Mego says

My ex-wife's brother's 1st baby mama (of three) would always drink Zima and Grenadine. Mmmm. Now I guess all that's left is crack and Monster energy drinks.

Also, I just realized I'm a real composer since I can write things like "My ex-wife's brother's 1st baby mama". Clearly I've reached the lifestyle vantage point of greatness. Critical success must be just around the corner.

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