Busy Day!

In a few hours, I’m heading to the airport to fly to Beaumont, Texas, for the premiere this weekend of “Sasparilla.” Scott Weiss, the conductor at Lamar University, was one of the two people who originally commissioned the wind version of “Redline Tango.” (Scott, along with Scott Stewart at Emory University, organized the consortium of eight schools.) I feel extremely indebted to both Scotts for that, and when Scott Weiss contacted me last summer to ask about commissioning a new piece, I was excited to work with him again.

Since Lamar University is the first school to perform both of my existing wind works, and they commissioned both of them, I feel a real bond with the school and the players, even though I’ve never met them. The result is that I’m unusually excited about this weekend’s trip. I’m certainly looking forward to hearing the premiere of “Sasparilla,” but I think I’m more excited to finally meet the students.

Also tonight — while I’m on the plane or being driven from Houston airport to Beaumont — TWO schools are performing “Redline Tango.” Bruce Moss will be giving the Ohio premiere tonight at Bowling Green State University (I’m originally from Ohio, so the Ohio premiere is pretty cool), and Gary Hill will be giving his second performance at Arizona State University. Best wishes to everybody involved!

The coffee maker just beeped at me, so I’m going to have my coffee, go for a run, and then get my things together for my trip.

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Daniel Montoya, Jr. says

Come down to San Antonio/Austin/San Marcos. Then we can party and geek-out over the latest electronic gizmos!

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