Burgers and chairs

The weather was beautiful (we were a little more fortunate than other parts of the country, it sounds), so AEJ and I cooked out tonight. Burgers…

… with fries.

I mentioned the other day that my desk chair had gotten a hole in it, and last night, it kind of got out of control.

You might need a close-up.

Yeah, not so good. So this morning, I bought a new chair at a great place in West Hollywood. I went classic with this one, and just got it in plain black.

Gotta say — it’s pretty nice to sit in a chair without worrying I’m going to tear through the bottom. Am I getting fat?

One of my favorite bloggers has returned to the blogosphere after 6 months away — Fosco. He’s a great writer — and damn funny. Check out his classic entries about In-n-Out Burger, last year’s Cabrillo Festival (including a mention of Kernis’s attire), the Screech sex tape, and, of course, my all-time-favorite Fosco post. Happy reading.

Wow. Reviewing Fosco’s entries made me realize how much I’ve been slacking with my blog during his absence. I’ll try harder. I’m going to the Drum Corps International semifinals at the Rose Bowl on Friday evening. I’m pretty sure there’ll be a good entry after that one, even if it’s just pictures of flags thrown in rhythmic precision to the music of Imogen Heap. To quote the timeless humor of cold war comic Yakof Smirnoff, America: what a country.


Fosco! says

Thanks for the praise and the shoutout. Not to get mawkish, but you are always one of my blogging inspirations.

Damn those burgers look delicious!

Have you seen Yakof in Branson? It's one of my dreams.

Kevin Howlett says

Indeed. I'm now a fan of Fosco and will bookmark his blog. In regards to your response to your all-tyme favorite, all I can say is that we are of different ideologies on that matter.

Jason Rinehart says

hey John! Hope you enjoyed the Rose Bowl. I was meaning to email you and see if you were going. I teach Boston Crusaders. Hope you enjoyed the show! Talk to you soon.

ComposerBastard says

very interesting placement of the keyboard on the desk! This just solved a problem I was having.

not sure about that katt though during thunderstorms

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