Blue Devils: Astonishing link

Well, it’s official. The Blue Devils announced their 2005 program today, and it does, in fact, include “Redline Tango.” As I requested, they linked to this site from their announcement page.

Curious what that did to the traffic on this site?

Well, according to The Counter, which only measures hits to my front page, this site had 13 hits on Saturday. Sunday, 16. Things pick up on weekdays usually, and I had a closer-to-the-norm visit count of 36 people on Monday.

Today, since the announcement went up, my website has had 307 hits. From different people.

I’m terrified to see what happens to my bandwidth, as I’m pretty sure that all of these people are downloading at least part of “Redline Tango.” Uh oh.

If you’re here because you followed that Blue Devils link, welcome! I hope you’ll stick around, and I encourage you to check out some of the pieces besides Redline Tango!

In other news, today was my last day at the Day Job. I packed my things, cleaned my desk, and said goodbye to my boss.

I think I need a celebratory drink!


jim says

Congratulations on all fronts, but most especially for making the career leap-of-faith we're all too terrified to make ourselves! You know what this means, right? More time to BLOG!!!

Anonymous says

Hi John,

Glad to hear you have quit the day job. I did learn of your music through the BD site and I am looking forward to their rendition of this work. Keep up the good work and keep writing for percussion.

Patrick Zampetti
Father, Husband, Architect and Drummer

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