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I’m still irritated by the huge decline of quality in this season of “24.” If you want to watch a new show that’s really pretty fantastic — and stars the late President Palmer of “24!” — check out “The Unit.” It’s on Tuesday nights at 9pm on CBS. It has a bad title, but as a show, it’s very, very good. It was co-created by David Mamet, so there’s the occasional “Mamet-speak” in the writing (“I just… I… I can’t, but… but you want me to… you… you want… you want me to… I can’t!”, but if you can get past that (it really doesn’t happen much), it’s great television. And it’s fun to see President Palmer kick some ass.

Steve Bryant attended the U. Arkansas performance of “Turbine” a few days ago. He wrote about it on his own blog — complete with photos of the food he ate post-concert. (At the moment, it’s the second entry down.) I wish I could have been there to hear W. Dale Warren’s group give their premiere — and I can’t believe I missed out on one of those milkshakes that Steve enjoyed!

My mother is coming from Florida tomorrow to visit me and AEJ here in LA. It’ll be fun to show her Southern California, although the weather forecast isn’t great: high of 60 degrees, and a chance of rain. These LA winters are brutal.

I finally found a great place in LA to get a haircut: ChopChop. In NY, I always went to DopDop, and it’s a little funny that I’m now going to what seems to be the bizarro DopDop. (I’ll admit that I initially picked the place partially based on its name similarity to DopDop.) If you’re in LA and want a great cut — the best haircut in LA! — check out Darin Birchler at ChopChop. (Darin is the owner.)

My planned trip to U. Miami in April has fallen through, I’m sad to report. (Sorry, Lisa & Mike!) I was really excited about the trip, but it looks like I’ll have to wait a while longer for my chance to work with Gary Green. I will still be at University of Florida and University High School (in Orlando) April 9-14.

I found out this week that Ray Cramer, Emeritus Director of Bands at Indiana University, will be doing “Sasparilla” in Japan this summer! I’m excited, and wish I could be there for that. It’s funny; that piece isn’t getting a ton of play in the US, but I think it will have received nearly a dozen performances in Japan by July, including a tour of one high school band. Go Japan! (Go ahead. Click it.)

Sorry for the crazy hodge-podge of content today. (Would you believe that the link to “hodge-podge” is a blog about food?!) I guess I’d better to tidy the house for my mother’s arrival…


Kevin Collins says

Dude John, I think they might eventually just kill of everybody. I mean they killed our GOOD FRIEND EDGAR!!! I cried and said I would never watch another 24 episode because that was so depressing. Now what the hell is with killing Lynn McGill or w/e, that was the lamest episode EVER. If it were someone else, like Chloe it would've been worse so I suppose his death wasn't a big deal. But I think this season was a bad choice when it comes to the weapon. Nerve Gas.. I mean what in the world is going on here. Agh, maybe Jack Bauer and I won't be good friends anymore.

I'm listening to your Tango for Clarinet Cello Violin and Piano.. I love it.

Kevin Collins says

Oh and by the way, it looks like Tony is dead too, remember that idiot who was getting interrogated and then SOMEHOW woke up and stuck that needle in Tony? AGHHH!! PISSED

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