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It snowed here on Friday — quite a bit, actually.  This is our second winter in Boston, and it’d probably snowed three times in our 18 months here, and no snow was more than 3″ or so.  I’ve spent much of my life trying to convince people that “3 inches is more than big enough,” but when it comes to snow, it’s a dusting.  Boston decided to show us a real snowfall on Friday by delivering 26″ of snow at our house in Cambridge — enough to qualify this as one of the top five biggest snowstorms in Boston’s history.

In preparation, we stocked up on necessities.

(Anybody want that bottle of King’s Ginger? It is not what I expected.  I was hoping for “very good ginger liquor” but instead got “expensive whisky with a hint of ginger.”)

The snow started early on Friday, and by midnight, we had a pretty good amount on our street, and the really heavy accumulation wouldn’t come until a few hours later.

This was Loki’s first time seeing snow in person. He was not convinced.

I opened our side door around 1am and took this picture.

12 hours later.

Our front porch.

Snow bunny!

My car is under there somewhere.

Fortunately, there’s a crew of guys that maintain the outside of our house. They do a great job. Here comes the plow up the driveway.

Loki enjoyed the show.

A plowed driveway!

After they shoveled the porch and stairs, I headed out for a walk. This is Massachusetts Avenue – normally the busiest street in Cambridge. (Non-essential driving was banned for 24 hours. We’re all walking on the street.)


Let’s go grocery shopping! Let me just pick up some milk… Hmm.

Oh wait! In that entire row of dairy cases, there’s one thing left! It’s… Soy latte. Not nom.


How’s the bread aisle?

In the grocery store parking lot, people made the most of the massive piles of snow.

Walking south on Mass Ave.

Somebody had made these snowmen — in the Mass Ave median.

A much cuter snowman at Cambridge Common.

Who wants a hug??? (The answer: this guy.)

Harvard Yard. Where is everybody?!

Oh – they’re sledding down the library stairs (many of them on dining trays).

The Harvard philosophy building.

This poor fellow is looking for his dignity.

The John Harvard statue — after being pelted with snowballs.

The Harvard campus is really quite lovely in the snow.

Most of it, anyway. The Harvard law building is a huge ugly monstrosity regardless of weather.

Walking back home, heading north on Mass Ave. It was 4pm by this time, and the light was getting prettier.

This old church is about two blocks from my house.

The driving ban lifted, people dug their cars out of the snow.

All that’s left to do is get the snow off of my car. Where did I leave that snow brush? Oh right. In the back seat. Sigh.


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