Better than Goldenthal

So, Ornette Coleman just won the Pulitzer Prize in Music. Having heard some of Coleman’s concert music, all I can say is, “whatever.” Coleman’s Pulitzer Prize-winning work is a recording, meaning it was essentially created live in a studio. How a publishing prize can go to a work that isn’t notated is a little beyond me.

In its effort to remain relevant, the Pulitzer has become a joke.


Daniel Montoya Jr. says

seems to me like this year it was a "lifetime achievement" award.

The Tsar says

Wait wait wait...

Elliot Goldenthal was up for a Pulitzer??? Please tell me that the composer of the music for "Batman and Robin" was NOT up for a Pulitzer???

Daniel Montoya Jr. says

I would think B&R, and to a lesser extent, Batman Forever, are the blemishes on Goldenthal's list.

For my money, Interview with the Vampire is fantastic!

The Tsar says

Can't claim to have heard IwtV, but I do confess to sorta liking his ballet music for "Othello."

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