Best. Quiz. Ever.

Some of these quizzes are slightly amusing, and most are dumb, but this one — finally — helps me answer the question I’ve wrestled with for far too long.

Which Sisterhood from the Traveling Pants girl are you most like? **PICS**


You are soft-spoken Lena! You are a gifted artist as beautiful as her drawings. You come upon unexpected romance in unlikely places. Lena is known as the beauty of the group-much to your own dismay. You’d prefer that people appreciate you for your art. If they have to notice her at all, that is.
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It’s so true. The quiz nailed me. I am so soft-spoken, and I want people to notice me for my art — my painting — instead of my body.

It’s so hard for me to be Lena.


Lissajeen says

Oh yeah - totally nailed me too. As Bridget. The athlete.

Travis Taylor says

I got Bridget; last time I checked I was killer on the court (basketball). I'm so athletic -- I think I'm going to quit this whole scam and go for the gold. WNBA here I come!


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