Best. Nutcracker. EVER.

John Corigliano emailed this MP3 to me last year. As John said in the email text:”This is truly wonderful. Turn your volume up.”I’ve no idea where he got it, but wow. If you aren’t feelin’ that holiday spirit yet, my friends, get ready…Click here to listen to my favorite holiday performance ever.


jim says

I wonder who had more to drink... the ensemble before the performance... or the conductor afterwards...

Daniel Montoya, Jr. says

Hey! How'd you sneak a recording of the my MS orchestra?!?!

Robert says

student trumpet from garage sale... $20

mallets to play a vibraphone that will never be in tune again... $20

band directors salary... not enough

having John Mackey post an MP3 from John Corigliano entitled "Best. Nutcracker. EVER." when in fact it is so bad that it makes me want to cry, and then seeing Daniel Montoya Jr. claim that it is his MS orchestra... truly priceless

Travis Taylor says

That is one of the greatest things I have ever listened to in my life. I've certainly got to look this ensemble up, every composer will be wanting a commission from them as soon as possible.

I for one, am going to capitalize on this ensemble as much as possible. It's truly beautiful.


clay Schapker says

MY... what in the name of G. Lucas!!! I say... um... well I would say key signature but lets face it... that director needs to be fired for these kids made out to be ... ah what the hell que it again... I feel like pissing myself again..
Clay Schapker
friend of Kevin Howlett

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