Beef and Lizards

I haven’t updated in ages, so today, we have two (count ’em — TWO!) blog entries.  I’ve been busy working on “Asphalt Cocktail,” and it’s slow going.  Coming up with material that feels worthy of that title is rough.

A few photos from the past few days, and both feel decidedly Texas-related. First, a few nights ago, we went for BBQ at Rudy’s. For a Texas chain, it’s mighty tasty — smokey, flavorful, moist brisket — on Wonder bread. Newman would love this place.

Then we came home and find a new pet on the bathroom wall. I don’t want to know how he got in, but he’s here in the house now — and he’s really fast. No way I’m catching him, but maybe Loki can.

Back to work, I guess. I need to get a lot done today, because tomorrow, I’m spending the afternoon at UT-Austin. One band is rehearsing “Kingfishers Catch Fire,” and another is rehearsing “Clocking.” Should be fun!


Cathy says

Mmmmm...Rudy's!! We like going to the one out on 620 on our way out to take the boat on the lake.

You know, those little "friends" can get in under doors and such. But they're harmless. If you see one, don't try to catch it but just put your hand out in front of it and it'll crawl across it. Once it stops, close your hand gently and take it outside. No critters are harmed in the process.


John says

Thanks, Cathy! We didn't want to hurt the little guy. AEJ used to see the bigger ones when she lived in the Caribbean, and her cats would catch the lizards by the tails -- and the lizards' tails would pull off.

Brian Hodges says

Oh man, Rudy's is the best. There was one just across the street from my father's old neighborhood in San Antonio. It is such good food. Thanks for making me miss it. *grumble, grumble* (That's the sound of my stomach missing Rudy's...haha)

Andrew Hackard says

If you're in the mood for a change of pace, head a bit north of campus to Ruby's BBQ on 29th. Favorite haunt of many, many people when they come to Austin. Try the vinegar cole slaw.

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