Bathing in cash

For those who wonder, “Why does John Mackey make such a big deal about licensing?  Why did he almost sue a major record label this summer for not licensing a piece before releasing it on CD?”

Clearly it’s all about the money.


John says

Don't spend that all in one place ;)

Cathy says

Would that be your entitled "Penny for your thoughts"?

David Holsinger says

HAHAHAHA! Believe it, we've all got checks like this one at one time or another. The paper is worth more than the sum! Just remember that old song . . "Every time it rains, it rains . . . A penny from Heaven..."

Ken Thompson says

Damn, can't even give your two cents worth!

Travis J. Cross says

I like how you obscured the tracking and account numbers so that nobody can get ahold of those riches. ;)

Jim Colonna says


Mitch says

I have 4 or 5 brass quartet and quintet works and a few band tunes to my credit, and years ago my mother asked why I didn't just chuck the whole teaching thing and just write music for a living. I showed her the "royalty" checks from the publisher, totaling $6 over 3 years.

She never asked again.

Sadly, my music royalties nearly double the amount of money I've made from the 2 books I've been a contributing author for. I don't think I ever bothered cashing those checks. ;)

Andrew Hackard says

I love how John didn't obscure the address, so all his Austin fans can go stalk him.

(Ignore that silver car driving by very slowly, John . . .)

Tyler S. Grant says

Just a question...

How much did they pay to actually MAIL the check!? Just the thought...

Nicholas Hall says

I feel inspired now, to persue my dream of being a composer

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