Band haiku

Last week, I – with love, mind you – realized that a perfect last line for a haiku would be:

Why bother?  It’s band.

Again, I thought this with love.  And like just about anything else that comes to mind, I posted it on Facebook, adding “now I just need the first two lines. I’m pretty sure one of them mentions tuning a harp.”

Here are some of the responses to the challenge.  Between my original Facebook account and my new one, there were 77 responses. Most surprising thing: most people still know the syllabic requirements of a haiku.

The harp’s in the case.
Is it in tune? Do we know?
Why bother? It’s band.

– David Rakowski

The C extension.
Does your double bass have it?
Why bother? It’s band.

– David Rakowski

david rakowski
writes top-notch band haikus, but —
why bother? it’s band.

– Carl Schimmel

Some integrity
Or artistic posturing?
Why bother? It’s band.

– Ken Thompson

Finally, first chair –
A contrabass player’s dream!
Why bother? It’s band.

– Rob Deemer

I wrote a harp part.
Fortissimo with trombones.
Why bother, it’s band.

– Jim Stephenson

B-flat clarinets; my ears bleed sweet suicide. Why bother? It’s band.
– Michael Markowski

At night rehearsal
I forgot deodorant!
Why bother? It’s band.

– Rebecca Anderson

Oboe out of tune;
Quick, the harpist needs a ride;
Why bother? It’s band.

– Robert Sloan

The French horn can play
Just as low as the bassoon?
Why bother? It’s band.

– Brian Brown

“I think I would like
some subtlety”, said Maestro.
Why bother? It’s band.

– Jim Stephenson

It’s a Powell flute!
The sound … is like gossamer.
Why bother? It’s band.

– David Rakowski

standing at beer case,
pondering buying the Harp,
Why bother? It’s band.

– Lois Hicks-Wozniak

Times music critic:
“President’s Own? Carnegie?
Why bother? It’s band.”

– Scott McKenzie

and finally…

Composing for hours.
Music is going nowhere.
Wrote haiku instead.

– Brian Balmages


jared says

Waste life reading blog,
Percussion Concerto's cool,
Good times had by all.

Michael Schelle says

Why NOT Fisher Tull.
Rarely mentioned anymore.
Why bother. It's band.

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