Back to the grindstone

Well, the holidays are over, and I’m trying to get back in the swing of things. I’m having a hard time.

Several days ago, I was itching to get back to work on the new wind ensemble piece. I had a breakthru about a week ago, and I became very excited about the material I came up with at the time. I kept listening to the new tune, but put off developing it until this week, when I’d have a lot more time to commit.

That may have been a mistake. Maybe it’s the weather, but today came — my first official day back at “work” — and I’m completely unmotivated. I still like the new material, but I listened to it so many times last week without really working on it that it feels less fresh now. (Right after I came up with it, I couldn’t sit still while listening to it, and that’s usually the best sign for me that a piece is going well.)

My plan for tomorrow is to get up a bit earlier, go for a run (that usually helps), come home, have some strong coffee, and see if I feel a little more motivated to work. (If caffeine + endorphins doesn’t get me excited, I’m in trouble.)

I need to do something different tomorrow, because today I felt like this guy.

I did package up several perusal scores to send out. And I dusted the coffee table. And I played with the cat. And I cleaned the bathroom sink.

So it’s not like I was just sitting around. Honest.


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