Today is AEJ’s birthday, and we’re celebrating by going out for the best dinner in the city — at least in our opinion. I’m planning to be tacky and tourist-like and bring my camera to dinner so I can take pictures. (This place is mega-fancy, and gentlemen are required to wear jackets, so cameras somehow don’t feel like the norm there.) I only took a photo of dessert the last time we went, and I regretted not taking a lot more. In addition to being the tastiest dinner I’ve ever had, it also has the best presentation. Not that the presentation at In & Out Burger is anything to sneeze at.

I made some more progress on the new piece this morning. I also woke up with a good idea, but I need to see some scores at the library to figure out how best to notate what I want. Richard Clary from FSU just joined the consortium last night, and that’s giving me a little extra motivation to get this project moving. Today certainly has gone better than yesterday.

Nice. Three links back to my own blog. How’s that for self-absorption?


abacus says

Nice recursive linking! The frames give it an extra je ne sais quois. ;)

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