Aurora Awakes

The score for the new piece is done.  The piece is called “Aurora Awakes,” after the goddess of dawn.  (If you Google “Aurora Awakes” right now, you get other stuff — like this bizarre YouTube video that, I’m sorry to say, has nothing to do with my piece.)

If you’re curious to see the score, the PDF is here.

Next up: parts. And after that, I can finally catch up on the blog entries about the recent Kingfishers Catch Fire performances, as well as some great school visits in the Fort Worth area. For now, though: dinner.


Vinny Oppido says

Looks AWESOME! Can't wait to hear it premiered!


Liz says

I really, really wish that the youtube video had something to do with your piece. That is out.


P.S. If your next blog entry does not include me in some fashion, I will pitch slap you.

Travis Taylor says

That. Video. Was. Awesome!


Harry says

High B-flat in a middle school horn part? Hope they have major chops.

John says

Harry -- it's a high school piece. And then some. ;)

Jon says

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot on the YouTube?

Grant Green says

I'm in an ensemble that will be performing this work at the Midwest Clinic in December 09. We are *really* enjoying it!

And thanks for writing a contrabass clarinet part that does not simply double the tuba...

Alec says

Just heard the piece over the weekend at the CBDNA conference here at Illinois State, and I gotta say, I was impressed, it was definitely one of the more memorable pieces for me of the entire conference. Good job!

Aydrian Kamu says

Years later and this is still my #1 favorite piece to listen to. Aurora Awakes captures so much emotion and it's just so beautiful and personal to me. I can't help but tear up every time I hear it. It has always been a dream of mine to play this in an ensemble and I really hope it happens. Thank you for this wonderful piece!

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