Asphalt Cocktail recording

I’ve just posted the recording of the premiere performance of “Asphalt Cocktail.” The performance was on Saturday, March 28, at Bates Recital Hall at the University of Texas. The ass-kicking performance was with the Michigan State Wind Symphony, conducted by Kevin Sedatole.

A word about the recording… Bates is an incredible hall for listening, but this recording sounds a little bit flat dynamically. I assume they’re running some compression while they record so the recordings don’t distort, and I do prefer this compressed sound to a distorted recording. Just keep in mind that in person, the piece is exponentially more visceral. The visuals alone — of Kevin rocking out on the podium, and of the entire percussion section (not to mention the smashing of the trash can into the floor on back beats in the big climax around 5:06 in) — make a huge difference. Still, you’ll get the idea.

Oh, and if you are a high school student in Texas, you should ask your director to program this piece for UIL next year. Don’t you want to smash a trash can into the floor and play a marching snare drum (indoors!) in front of the UIL judges?


ethan says

Just listened.... Holy hell. I just spontaneously grew a beard.

Nick says

Oh man. I love it. Especially the clarinet solo in the middle and the loud rock beat before the end.

It would take one hell of a high school to play this.

Cory says

Kids hell - *I* would love to see that stuff done in front of a UIL panel. They would be picking themselves up off the floor afterwards.

But they would be that much manlier for having listened to it.

Love the piece - so much fun. Nice work!!

Robyn says

I agree with Nick. That clarinet solo is something. And I love the low brass color throughout. Now I want to SEE it.

Jason says

This song is the shit! I was waiting for a recording of this ever since you announced you were writing it. And I have to say its even more godly than I expected it to be.

Stephen says

Fort Worth's Southwest HS performed Asphalt Cocktail at their UIL Regional yesterday. They did great and blew the judges away!

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