Asphalt Cocktail, now downloadable

I posted the recording of “Asphalt Cocktail” yesterday afternoon, and by midnight, it had received over 900 downloads. CRAZY! As a result, a lot of people had trouble with the streaming audio, as my web server was hit pretty hard. Over on Facebook, a bunch of people asked me to make it downloadable instead of streaming, so I just did that.

There are a few reasons I typically post streaming MP3 files instead of downloadable MP3. First, there are the MP3 search bots. The files end up direct-downloaded via MP3 search engines by people who have no idea what they’re downloading or where it even came from. As a result, I used to lose a huge amount of bandwidth for downloads that people didn’t even really want.

Then there’s the issue of direct links to downloads in general. I want people to hear the music on the site, but I want them to know where it originally came from, too, so that maybe they’ll listen to other pieces, or check out the blog, or whatever. Please, if you want to link to Asphalt Cocktail — link to this page, not to the direct MP3 link.

Then there’s the copyright issue, which is mostly a problem with ballet companies. (What isn’t a problem with ballet companies?) I have had several issues with choreographers downloading MP3 files and then choreographing the music without obtaining permission. In one case, the choreographer even credited the music as being composed by “Antares” — the ensemble that performed the music, presumably because they didn’t download the audio directly from my website (where it’s pretty obvious who wrote the tunes). After a few stories like that one, I decided to make everything streaming, so people would visit the site to find the music in the first place, and they couldn’t just throw it on an iPod and use it for some gawdawful ballet for which it wasn’t licensed. I’m all for gawdawful use of my music, but it has to be licensed; I have a camera lens addiction to support.

So, if you want to have “Asphalt Cocktail” on your iPod or whatever, you can now download it for keeps. Again, as a favor, if you want to tell other people about the piece, link to the web page that holds the MP3, please don’t link to the MP3 itself. Thank you — and enjoy!


Bob says

Thanks for making this a download. What a fun piece! By the way, Ritz & Wolf Camera are closing about 300 stores including a few in Austin. They're liquidating everything, so you may be able to get some new camera toys for cheap.

Eric says

Hey, did you have to take it off? Whenever I click on the link, it says "Audio Not Available"

John says

If it says "Audio Not Available," you need to click the refresh button on your browser.

Kevin Howlett says

You and your L-glass addiction, sir.

Ashley says

maybe im crazy or stupid.
but i cant find how to actually download it.

Ashley says

nevermind. im just stupid =]]
wonderful piece!

Phil says

For a tech neophyte , how can I "download it for keeps" to my iPod?

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