And We’re Off!

I’m leaving for the airport in about an hour — heading to Seattle to start my residency with the Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra . I’m excited, but I get nervous before I fly, so I’ve bought the new Daily Show book, “America,” to distract me during the flight.

The conductor of the orchestra, Huw Edwards, must have given my e-mail address or website address to the orchestra, because I’ve been getting “Welcome To Seattle!” e-mails from several very nice orchestra members. (Hello to Sarah, Mikaela, Annika, and Kyla — I’m excited to meet you, too, and the rest of the orchestra!)

I’ll be blogging from Seattle with regular updates, so stay tuned!

Oh — and a special shout-out to RN for agreeing to watch Loki once again…


abacus says

Bon voyage - but don't let them lure you into staying, with their gorgeous trees and friendly ways! We need you back in New York!

Newman says

On style points, Seattle beats Stephenville TX any day of the week.

But I bet you won't be eating 2 pounds of BBQd pork at a joint named "Hard-8", which not only cuts your ribs/beef/pork/and/or/sausage to order in the "Meat Pit" but also serves free beer with every order.

God Bless Texas...

Anonymous says

No problem man. When you're out there if you see any cool pearl jam stuff, pick it up for me.
Oh, if you get a chance stop by Leroy's and get yourself a pimp suit.

Anonymous says

Have fun! Can you post a picture of that painting that was done to fit in your living room that is so perfect? Thanks.

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