An Inconvenient Truth

If you live anywhere near one of the theaters now showing “An Inconvenient Truth,” go see it this weekend. Or at least go next week.
If it hasn’t opened yet where you live, go as soon as it opens.

AEJ and I saw it tonight. I think everybody should see this movie.

And don’t worry — it’s not a boring lecture. It’s really enjoyable. And I can pretty much guarantee it’s better than this.

Seriously. A great, entertaining, important film. Some of it is even quite funny. And some of it — partially the inevitably resulting thought of “what could have been” — made AEJ cry.

So, go.


Kevin Howlett says

I have been trying very hard to get some people to come with me to go see this movie--the closest venues are in Seattle--problem is, most of my friends are very pro-Bush...ugh.

Roger Ebert gave "An Inconvenient Truth" and "A Prairie Home Companion" four stars, so I think I'm gonna see them both!!

Out of curiosity, have you seen "Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room?" AWESOME documentary.

Lissajeen says

The price for a lovely cheese plate and glass of pinot gris while listening to stories of Wilkes-Barre's newest rabbi was a viewing of PHC The Movie in Great Barrington. Totally worth it. If only for the juxtaposition. But still haven't seen Inconvenient Truth.

wu says

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Newman says

PHC was actually really entertaining and fun. So phhhhfth.

And AIT is unmissable, of course. If only because you get to see our apt building get swallowed up by the Atlantic Ocean. Oop, there it goes!


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