Amazing Week

I’m here in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and just a few hours ago, the University of Michigan Symphony Band performed “Redline Tango” as the closing piece on their concert. It was a pretty great evening, topping off a fantastic 10 days. The first few days were spent at Ohio State in Columbus, Ohio, where I grew up. The band there was awesome, and I feel like I made some new friends on that trip. Then it was up to UMich (the OSU rival, I might add) for the residency here. The past week has seen two great performances of Redline Tango, a fantastic concert including TWO of Steve Bryant’s pieces at Bowling Green, dinners talking shop with composers like Michael Daugherty and Michael Colgrass, the scariest but most fun composition forum I’ve ever given (thanks for being so gracious, gang), and a tasty beer or two.

I’ll debrief more fully — hopefully with photos as well — when I return to LA, but for now, I have to say thanks to Michael Haithcock and the Michigan band for a great concert here, and Russ Mikkelson and the wind ensemble at OSU for their kick-ass concert in Columbus just a week ago. It’s weeks like this that make me pinch myself and think I’m just about the luckiest guy there is. I mean, this is my job?!


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