Alessi at UT. Sunday! With live webcast!

This post is short and sweet, just to let you know that this Sunday, September 26, at 7pm CST (or, as I like to call it, “7PM Elvis Time”), the University of Texas Wind Ensemble, under the direction of Jerry Junkin, will perform my recent piece, “Harvest: Concerto for Trombone” with Joseph Alessi — principal trombonist for the New York Philharmonic.  The concert also includes the premiere of the wind version of Frank Ticheli’s piece, “Playing with Fire,” featuring the Jim Cullum Jazz Band.  The full program:

Kingfishers Catch Fire — Mackey
Harvest: Concerto for Trombone (featuring Joseph Alessi, trombone) — Mackey
Postcard — Ticheli
Playing with Fire (featuring the Jim Cullum Jazz Band) — Ticheli

The concert is at Bass Concert Hall here in Austin.  The hall seats nearly 3000, but reports seem to indicate that you should get tickets in advance if possible.  Not anywhere near Austin?  Then you can listen online.  Just follow the link on this page starting a few minutes before concert time (which, again, is at 7pm Central Time on Sunday evening).

This concert will be, and I can’t stress this enough, epic.


Nadia says

Thankyou Mr. Mackey! I hope I will be able to watch/ hear this exciting concert in Australia via the webcast!

Cathy says

See you there, John!

Alex says

Is anyone else having trouble listening? The stream cut out before any music started...I was so excited to hear this concert!

Roger says

Yes Alex, I had the same issue. Glad to know it's not my computer.

Lauren says

I lost the feed at about 7:05, haven't been able to get it back.

Rich says

Link didn't work. What a disappointment. Guess I'll have to wait a couple of years until a CD comes out to hear the Concerto :-(

Emily Ehrlich Hill says

Oh Dear! The link isn't working and we've tried three household computers! "Barry, darling, stop crying!"

Alex says

The stream is working again...but I have a feeling that we missed Harvest. :(

Oh well...the Ticheli pieces should be nice.

Frank Ticheli says

But I already know the Ticheli pieces, as it wasn't THAT long ago that I composed them. I wanted to hear John's trombone concerto! UT has some 'splainin' to do.

jared says

I demand a do-over. :D

Nadia says

Oh good at least it wasn't just me... I thought maybe we just couldn't get the streaming in Australia. I emailed the webmaster at UTexas Music but it bounced back :( I got up early especially to listen to it this morning! I hope it went off epically (is that a word?) Mr. Mackey!!


I'VE POSTED THE AUDIO. Go to the page for the concerto, then follow that page to "Audio & Score." Sorry; the bandwidth was just too high a demand for the UT servers last night.

Kevin says

Did not find the audio on the 'page for the concerto' - was hoping for the audio link...thanks.

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