Ale House Steaks

AEJ and I made steaks on the grill tonight. Always fun and delicious. Gotta have the charcoal chimney…

Hot coals now.

And then the steaks. New York Strips with an “ale house” marinade: beer (we used a bottle of Sam Adams that Newman bought when he was here earlier in the spring), Spicy V8, Worchestershire, fresh thyme and oregano, garlic, and Tobasco. Awe. Some.

Oh, and I sent my 10-22mm lens to Canon for a second repair attempt a few weeks ago, and I got it back today. I think the second time was the charm. This is a fun, freaky lens. And look! It’s a cloud in the SoCal sky! I’m told it rained yesterday morning. The largest total  nearby was in Pasadena: 0.02″. And that’s the first rain in literally months. I have to say that I kind of miss a good ol’ summer thunderstorm.


jim says

Dude. I am so trying that marinade. First chance I get.

Montoya says

come to Austin/San Antonio... it won't STOP raining@@

Kevin Howlett says

Perhaps you have the marinade recipe? Yes no?

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